Video: What is a DropaBill Dollar Bill Drop Card?

Have you ever been given cash money at the bank or found a hundred dollar bill on the ground? With dollar bill dropcards you can re-create that feeling of receiving fresh, crisp dollar bills for anyone. Whether you want to promote your business or fool your friends, dollar bill cards can help you meet your objectives. These novelty cards look and feel like real money, but are not as wide as a real dollar, so that you can fold them in half and see the look of surprise on someones face when they unfold them. We offer a $5, $10, $20, and $100 novelty USD bill. On the back side, there is space for your own creation which you design online. Once you place your order, the realistic novelty cash is shipped directly to your door. Perfect for promoting events and generating interest. We allow you to easily customize your dollar cards to suit your business. Get the widest selection, highest quality, and most cost effective on the market today. Easy to use online editor makes it simple to design yours with custom text and images. Start Designing Yours Now We are certain that you will be 100% satisfied with your order and we even offer a money back guarantee! Our money business cards are the most realistic. Order your own dollar bill business cards today with our easy to use and feature rich design tool. $100 bill business cards are a great idea for any event. Your search for the most cost effective and realistic dollar bill cards is over. As the first website to start selling dollar bill cards, you will find the best and most realistic right here! What Is A Dropcard? Dropcards are very similar to business cards. They are designed mainly for marketing as a novelty. Dropcards can be placed anywhere and people will pick them up, or can be given out as coupons etc.  Are These The Highest Quality Available?  Yes, in fact, if you are able to find a higher quality dollar bill card we will refund your order 100%. What Denominations Do They Come In?  Currently, we offer a $100 dollar bill dropcard, a $20 dollar bill dropcard, a $10 dollar bill dropcard, and a $5 dollar bill dropcard. How Are You Able To Offer Such Low Prices? Our product is set at a price that is very close to the cost of production.  How Big Are They? They are the same height and thickness as a real dollar bill but are only 3 5/8" in width. Remember that when you are creating your design, the area given to design the back is enlarged, so do not make the words too small! How Long Does It Take To Process Orders? When you make your order, you confirm your design and then we print from that. There is no intermediate step that forces you to wait for an actual person to get back with you. After that, your order is typically printed within 48 hours depending on the size of your order. Orders that are over a thousand can take an extra day. We ship every day that the post office is open and the total time between when you place your order and when you have the dropcards in your hands is usually one week depending on how fast the shipping carrier sends them to you. Do You Advertise Your Website Address On Them? No, we do not put our own website address on them. Do They Come Folded Or Do I Have To Fold Them Myself? When you receive your dropcards, they are unfolded because they are much easier to ship when in their unfolded form and so you can choose yourself how you want to fold them. They are designed to be folded by you in half or any way that you like. Typically they are folded in half and then folded again to create more depth but this is entirely up to you. Stacks of ten or twenty can be folded all at once and then creased individually.What Is Your Return Policy? Due to the nature of the product, returns are not accepted. If you are in any way dissatisfied with your purchase we would like for you to contact us with your concerns. However, we are confident that you will be 100% satisfied.How Do I Become An Affiliate? All user accounts are automatically affiliates. Check the affiliate section in the account area. What Are The Commissions? Affiliates earn 30% of the purchase price of any order referred from their link (not including shipping/tax).  How Long Do Affiliate Cookies Last? Our affiliate cookie never expires so you will receive commission from someone you directed to our website forever.  Can I Click My Own Link And Order Through Myself?  NO, please do not do this. How Do I Get Paid? We will pay you via PayPal, which you can set in the account area. When Do I Get Paid? Usually we wait until you have at least $50 in commissions before paying out, and will pay each month. However, you can request payment at any time for any balance in your account.